Decoupage Tutorial

Step by step Decoupage instructions!
I am happy to share with you what I know, however I am not an expert! :)

I am happy to share with you what I know, however I am not an expert! :)

Step 1)   Pick out a good candidate for your decoupage project. Pick an item that will highlight your efforts. I picked an old chair I had redone over 15 years ago.


Step2)   Assemble your material to decoupage and plan your color scheme. I picked the one below however I ran into some trouble!


I picked these “Punch Studios” napkins along with a luscious red can of “mistints” from Sherwin Williams. (Hint, these high quality napkins can be found on Ebay and Amazon and the mistints are $1.00 @SW!) I had this wonderful fabric for the seat.

Step3)  First Paint your chair! I painted it red first, but sadly that didn’t work out and even though I loved the red I changed it to white for the sake of this tutorial! I will show you below WHY it didn’t work. Assemble your equipment. Mod Podge, brush, decoupage napkin and I keep a bit of water handy along with a paper towel for “oops”.


Step 4)  With the decorative napkins you peel off two layers of tissue paper. The first comes off real easy, but the second takes some good eyes and fingernails! You can see how thin it is below.


Now get your brush wet with a moderate layer of Mod Podge, and paint the area you are working on a patch at a time.  Press down your picture. Apply light pressure, but BEFORE you apply your picture MAKE SURE it is EXACTLY what you want and WHERE you want it! Lightly press out as many wrinkles as you can and let dry.IMG_4083

Step 5)  After the initial layer of Mod Podge drys, add a coat on top and let that dry. It looks hazy going on but dries clear. Let each layer dry and repeat, so that you have three topcoats of Mod Podge. This is where I saw I was in trouble!


Even though I had painted white in spots for my birds I noticed how UGLY the decoupage looked on the red! OH NO! Well never fear! Back to the basement and some sand paper to get it off and some warm water…..Two hours later, I had  a white chair ready to Mod Podge!


Same process all over again!! So that it would look like this! here we go again…three coats of Mod Podge, and drying in-between!


I then distressed the chair a bit to show the lovely red underneath, and then added some cute vintage stamps I had on hand, because it looked a bit too bare to me.



Step 6)  Now VERY importantly add several coats of polycrylic. I usually use Minwax. You can get semi gloss or matte finish. Next it was off to Hancock Fabrics, the closest one to me!


Oh No! Here comes the crazy lady with her chairs???!!


It may seem silly but many fabrics you think will look good don’t! If an item is small enough I always take it with me! I ended up getting a very reasonably priced red burlap not because of the price but it really looked the best to me!



A cute little doll makes everything look better! :)


Below are some other things I have decoupaged.

I am happy to share with you what I know, however I am not an expert! :)






Thanks so much for looking! Please leave a comment and feel free to ask any questions! :)

Happy decoupaging!!!!! and remember:

“If I can do it, so can YOU!”